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My Band Days in Tokyo, and Lyrics

I was the lead singer of a Japanese pop band in the early to mid 1990's called "Unit Bath".   The band had been going for some time before I joined with Shingo Katano, the bassist as the lead vocalist, but he wanted to focus on his bass and songwriting, so I was asked to perform vocals after a friend heard me at a karaoke bar.  I also was asked to "translate" lyrics more or less (emphasis on less), and as time went on my choice of lyrics became largely unrelated to the originals until they were all original lyrics I wrote.  The band members wanted me to sing in English as it was a bit unusual and fun for them.  I co-wrote the music for one song "Come Alive", but the rest were pre-existing tunes that Shingo wrote.  He was a great guy to work with.  We practiced weekly for about a year and had some studio recordings done by a pro agent who insisted that we not spread them around freely.  We only had one live performance, however (many of our practice sessions were just for the fun of getting together and live performances didn't really enter our minds until much later), and the band members went their separate ways after I graduated from college and went to work translating and teaching.  Scans of a handout from our live performance can be found below.  Click for larger sizes.  The option to "zoom" should appear when you click the individual images and follow to Image Shack.

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