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Interview in a Japanese Newspaper

Back in December of 1992, while I was attending the University I graduated from in Japan, I taught conversational English at various schools, students' homes, and even at government funded recreation centers.  In the article below I was interviewed while in the middle of such a class at the equivalent of a YMCA there.  The interview, on why I enjoyed Karaoke, made it into a newspaper, and I was sent the clipping after it hit the press.  "Tanoshiku utatte, nakama wo hirogeru" - the big quote in the middle says "Have fun singing, and make friends".  I had my favorite leather jacket on and what passed for a young guy's fuzzy facial hair.  I spoke about how I had fun as a vocalist in a band in high school and enjoyed the convenience of Karaoke bars/boxes. I recall the article not being 100% accurate as to what I actually said, but it was just something I thought I'd scan in before it gets too old.  Speaking of which, 1992?!  Yeah, I feel old now.  Heck, even the paper looks old...

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